New ‘Voltron’ Season 3 Trailer Puts the Focus on Prince Lotor

     August 1, 2017


I have a confession to make: Prince Lotor is my favorite new addition to Netflix and DreamWorks TV’s Voltron Legendary Defender. That’s kind of a problem since the heir to the Galra Empire throne–now that Papa Zarkon is out of commission–is the Season 3 antagonist. But he’s just so darn charismatic and his team is just plain cool; it’s hard not to like the guy. Then again, the Paladins and their mighty Lions are fighting for the freedom of numerous planets and civilizations, so, fine, I guess I have to side with the good guys on this one.

The new Season 3 trailer for the action-packed Netflix series does a solid job of introducing Lotor (A.J. LoCascio) to audiences and to the Paladins alike; they’re meeting him for the first time, too. To make matters worse, they’re down a pilot, which means they’re down a Lion … and without Voltron. You’ll find out just how they solve that problem when Season 3 premieres in its entirety this Friday, August 4th, but for now, this teaser will have to suffice.

Check out the new trailer below:

Prince Lotor rallies support from the Galra empire in wake of Zarkon’s defeat. With an unpredictable new enemy on the horizon, the galaxy desperately needs Voltron. But the paladins struggle to find their bearings without Shiro. Can they come together in time to fight Lotor? All new episodes arrive on Netflix August 4th!

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