‘Voltron Legendary Defender’ Season 4 Trailer Invites You to Join the Coalition

     September 19, 2017


Hopefully you’re all caught up with the space-based action of Netflix’s Voltron Legendary Defender Season 3, because Season 4 is almost upon us! But the Paladins are going to need our help if they have any hope of defeating Prince Lotor and his team of badass generals. To that end, the first trailer for the upcoming season has been released and it invites everyone to join the rebellion as part of the Voltron Coalition!

Featuring Shiro (Josh Keaton), Keith (Steven Yeun), Pidge (Bex Taylor-Klaus), Hunk (Tyler Labine), Lance (Jeremy Shada), Allura (Kimberly Brooks), and Coran (Rhys Darby) battling against Lotor (A.J. Locascio) and his father Zarkon (Neil Kaplan), Voltron Legendary Defender Season 4 will make an appearance early this October during New York Comic-Con before arriving on Netflix October 13th.

Check out the new trailer below (via EW):

EW also had a chance to catch up with showrunners Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery to talk about the new season. Head there for the full interview. You can read a sample of their commentary below:

On the far-reaching legend of Voltron this season:

Dos Santos: We’re sort of seeing the next evolution of the series where the legend of Voltron has gone out into the universe now and it’s amassing an army, a coalition against Lotor.


Montgomery: Yeah, as Voltron goes around and helps and saves these planets and fights back against the Galra, he becomes a symbol to these people. So, just in him existing and doing what he does, his presence kind of just becomes this thing that people rally behind. They need to utilize that to call people to the cause and bring them into this coalition that they’re building, because they know they can’t fight this war alone.

On Lotor’s plan and the multiverse:

Montgomery: We’ll see more of Lotor’s plan this coming season and what he aims to do. That’s all we’re going to see.


Dos Santos: I think all things are on the table, so leave it open.

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