Wagner Moura to Play Children’s Television Personality Bozo the Clown

     February 12, 2014


Bozo the Clown was a beloved children’s TV personality.  For those who never saw the show, he and his co-stars were colorful characters who would do skits and bring out kids from the audience to play games for prizes.  Through the 1960 – 1980s the show expanded into multiple markets including Chicago, Boston, Mexico, and Brazil.  Each show had its own Bozo, and our partner site Omelete is reporting that Wagner Moura (Elysium) is set to play one of the Brazilian Bozos.  Moura didn’t specify which Bozo actor he would be portraying, but Omelete speculates that it’s “Arlindo Barreto, the most famous Brazilian Bozo, who got himself into a cocaine addiction in the 80’s and today is a pentecostal preacher”.

Editor Daniel Rezende will make his feature directorial debut on the project.  Rezende edited the Elite Squad movies starring Moura as well as City of God, The Motorcycle Diaries, and the remake of RoboCop.  Moura says filming on the Bozo project will begin “after he wraps the Triple Frontier movie that José Padilha (RoboCop) will shoot this year.”

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