Walden Media and Brandon Camp Aim to Bring BENJI Back to the Big Screen

     December 1, 2010


Walden Media (the folks behind the Chronicles of Narnia movies) are aiming to reboot the Benji franchise.  For those who have never heard of Benji, the lovable mixed-breed dog first appeared on screens in 1974.  The character then starred five more films including For the Love of Benji and Benji the Hunted.  Now Variety reports that Brandon Camp., son of original Benji creator Joe Camp Jr., is planning to write, direct, and produce a new movie that will re-launch the franchise for a new generation.  Camp most recently co-wrote and directed the Jennifer Anniston flick Love Happens.

It a feel-good note, Camp says that they’ll be looking for a shelter dog to play the new Benji.  The original Benji, “Higgins”, was a pound pup that got the gig.  Says Camp, “My fantasy is to find a stray.  The original Benji, the one most of us grew up with, is the look that I’ll be going for.”

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