Walker Stalker Con 2015: 13 Things to Know From ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Panels

     November 2, 2015


This past weekend, over 50,000 people attended Walking Stalker Con in Atlanta, Georgia. Though this Walking Dead convention has spread now to multiple cities, Atlanta remains its home base for the the fan-driven event, which actually started as a podcast about the show. Also, the Atlanta Walker Stalker Con is the only city where the show’s star, Andrew Lincoln (“Rick Grimes”), appears to do a panel.

This year, he was also joined by Norman Reedus (“Daryl Dixon”), Chandler Rigs (“Carl Grimes”), Katelyn Nacon (“Enid”), Josh McDermitt (“Eugene”) and more to talk about some behind-the-scenes tidbits from the show, as well as some teases about what to expect in Season 6.

  • Fact: attendance for the Norman Reedus panel was close to capacity at 4,500 attendees; the line to enter was approximately half a mile.

  • walking-dead-season-6-image-andrew-lincoln-chandler-riggs

    Image via AMC

    Chandler Riggs said his character Carl would be willing to accept Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge) as a mother figure, since Rick has been going on a long time without a wife and deserves someone.

  • Katelyn Nacon assured fans that the turtle she ate in Episode 2 of Season 6 was actually made up of chicken wings. Director Jennifer Lynch told her, “dig in like you haven’t eaten in a while.”
  • It takes approximately eight days to film one episode, and the show films from May to November.
  • Under the guise of a question, a marriage proposal took place between fans during the audience Q&A with Chandler Riggs and Katelyn Nacon, and that was following by a photo op with the lucky couple and the actors.
  • The cast revealed that former lowly denizens of Terminus are referred to by the others as “termites.”
  • walking-dead-season-6-image-josh-mcdermitt

    Image via AMC

    Josh McDermitt (Eugene) claimed to be Andrew Lincoln during Lincoln’s panel … “just 250 pounds heavier, and without the makeup they use on set.”

  • 100 percent of the proceeds of Andrew Lincoln’s panel benefitted an unnamed charity that Lincoln is an anonymous benefactor of (I promise, it’s totally legit, guys).
  • Similar to how “stuff and thangs” and “Ca-arl” have seeped into The Walking Dead pop culture, Andrew Lincoln says the next Grimes-ism will be “whu-uut.”
  • There’s a definite bromance between Andrew Lincoln and David Morrissey (“The Governor”).
  • The prank wars continue between Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln, but Lincoln says Reedus “is officially out-there with the space cadets.”
  • Crew members will receive military jackets this season — each division has their own patch, and staff get a stripe for every season they’ve been with the show (approximately 18 crew members have been with the show all 6 seasons).
  • The Walking Dead is a show that loves its actors, and Andrew Lincoln said he wants everyone to shine.

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Image via AMC