WALKING DEAD Infographic Lists Sheriff Rick Grimes as the Top Zombie Killer, the Handgun as the Weapon of Choice and Tallies Over 340 Zombies Killed So Far

     December 7, 2012


AMC’s The Walking Dead won’t be back until February, but you can catch up on all of the mayhem thus far with this new infographic. Put together by Andrew Barr and Richard Johnson of the National Post, this incredibly detailed retrospective takes a look at the number of Walkers killed in all three seasons so far, along with who was responsible for their demise and what weapon was used to do it. There are fan-favorite moments captured here (along with some spoilers) as well as a season by season break down of kills, a ranking of Walker slayers and their respective tallies. Carol is totally slacking. Hit the jump to check it out.

The following infographic comes courtesy of the National Post. Click to expand and enjoy: