THE WALKING DEAD Season 6 Is “Crazy” Says Melissa McBride

     August 5, 2015


Season six of AMC’s The Walking Dead doesn’t grace TV screens until the evening of October 11th, but we’re starting to hear just how crazy it’s going to get. Star Melissa McBride, who has fast become a fan-favorite over the last few years, gave a brief video tease about the upcoming season and hinted at the sorts of tension and conflict we can expect from characters old and new:

“There’s a lot of things going on in different story arcs and different characters coming in that are really pitting the characters against their own selves as far as, you know, where they stand.”

Clearly she can’t say too much about the specifics of the season, but luckily this short video also has a montage of clips featuring plenty of mayhem. It’s no longer just human on Walker violence, but human vs human, both internal to Rick’s group and in clashes with other survivors. See what McBride had to say in this video interview with EW:

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