‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Images Feature a Bloody Daryl and a Pensive Rick

     September 15, 2015


AMC’s The Walking Dead returns for its sixth season on October 11th and as these new images remind us, the characters were left in a state of indecision and introspection at the end of season five. That seems to be the moment when we’re seeing Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Michonne (Danai Gurira), Carol (Melissa McBride), Daryl (Norman Reedus), and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) in these images. Curiously, each of them seems to be near a weapon, and for the folks familiar with the comics, there are hints and teases hidden in plain sight.

The new images come from a variety of sources since AMC is trying to share the love. We’ll add any new ones that pop up, but in the meantime, they come courtesy of TV Insider, People, EW, THR, and The Wrap. I’d sure love to see new images of Glenn (Steven Yeun), Maggie (Lauren Cohan), and Carl (Chandler Riggs) at the very least, so hopefully more are on the way. In the meantime, scope out these new images and get ready for Season 6’s debut this fall.

Check out the new character images from season six of The Walking Dead below:


Image via AMC

Remember when Michonne hung up her katana and traded it in for a police officer’s uniform? I wonder how long it will stay on the wall before she’s forced to pick it up once again…


Image via AMC

Rick certainly ended Season 5 with some brutal and questionable actions, but he remains Alexandria’s best hope for continued survival. “The new world is gonna need Rick Grimes.”


Image via AMC

Carol, meanwhile, seems to be the most competent and composed of the entire group, playing equal parts Suzy Homemaker and lethal assassin. This picture of Carol drying dishes at the sink while admiring a deadly knuckle knife is just perfect.


Image via AMC

Any time Daryl bleeds, fans threaten to riot. That being said, he seems to have himself together in this image despite the nasty bleeding hand. He probably just cut it on a jagged piece of metal while rebuilding his motorcycle engine, right? Right?!


Image via AMC

This might be the strangest image of the bunch. Why is the sharpshooting Sasha wandering around in the weeds with a quartet of Walkers? I mean, at least head on up into that nearby tower to get to shelter …

Update: Here’s a bonus one from Lauren Cohan’s Instagram because Lauren Cohan:

new portraits…

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Here’s the official logline for Season 6 of AMC’s The Walking Dead:

Season six starts with Alexandria’s safety shattered by multiple threats. To make it, the people of Alexandria will need to catch up with our survivors’ hardness while many of Rick’s people will need to take a step back from the violence and pragmatism they’ve needed to embrace. These reversals won’t happen easily, or without conflict. But now Rick’s group is fighting for something more than survival. They’re fighting for their home, and they will defend that at any cost, against any threat, even if that threat comes from within.


Image via AMC