‘The Walking Dead’ Video Recap Show: The Aftermath of Wolves

     November 9, 2015


The Walking Dead recap show is back on Collider Video with hosts John Rocha, Kaori Takee, Quinn Marie, and Josh Macuga. It’s episode 5 of season 6, simply titled “Now.” Unlike the Van Halen song, “Right Now”, this episode deals mostly with the aftermath of the attack from the Wolves on Alexandria and Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) reappearance after his attempt to cattle-herd ten thousand plus walkers.

What we’ve learned most about this world is that violence is par for the course, but the reaction to the violence never provides the same drama twice. This is the kind of episode that deals more with the mental aspect of the meltdown than the physical. This is a ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ kind of episode; meaning more walking and planning than actual results and action.


Image via AMC

The biggest take away is that Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is not about to let Glenn’s name appear on the Wall of the Forgotten without some sort of reconnaissance mission. Maggie and Aaron (Ross Marquand) take to the sewer to leave Alexandria, so as to avoid running into the ‘20 deep’ rows of walkers waiting outside the walls. As is the usual, everyone wants to work alone, knowing full well they need each other to survive, which proves true while in the sewer tunnel and encountering the rare breed of ‘Sewer Walker’.

It takes many routes and different ways, but this episode leaves us with one thing: knowing. Knowing how to let go. Knowing how to move on. Knowing just what to do to prepare for what happened and what is about to happen. It’s time for the community to move onto survival and rebuild… all while preparing for the next attack, the next move and the next episode in the drama that is Alexandria.

The Walking Dead recap show is hosted by John Rocha, Kaori Takee, Quinn Marie and Josh Macuga. They are here on Collider Videos every week talking about the episode, answering your questions and most importantly entertaining all of you ‘The Walking Dead’ fans. Thank you for watching! #ColliderWalkingDead

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Image via AMC