Walton Goggins Talks DJANGO UNCHAINED, Deleted Scenes, the Casting Process, JUSTIFIED Season 4, and Future Projects

     December 24, 2012


Legendary director Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained is exactly what the trailer promises – exciting, violent, satirical, vengeful and shocking – for the entire 2 hour and 45 minute run time.  Starring Jamie Foxx as a newly freed slave who sets out with an unlikely partner (dentist-turned-bounty-hunter Christoph Waltz) to find and rescue his wife (Kerry Washington), Django Unchained follows the duo as they track her to a plantation owned by vicious playboy Calvin Candie (a ferocious Leonardo DiCaprio), whose long time family slave, Stephen (an almost unrecognizable Samuel L. Jackson), is also out for blood.  Fans of the director will not be disappointed; this film is everything we hoped for and more.  Click here to watch three clips and here’s all our previous coverage.

When we spoke to Walton Goggins (who plays a cruel and sadistic enforcer on the Candie plantation) he talked about his initial reaction to finding out he would be in the film, some of the films Tarantino showed the cast that stuck with him, and a five-page scene with Leonardo DiCaprio that was cut.  He also told me about future projects including G.I. Joe 2, the next season of Justified and a few other possibilities.  Hit the jump to watch.

And click here to watch our video interview with Christoph Waltz.

Walton Goggins:

  • How did he first hear he was cast in the film and what was his initial reaction
  • What were some of the movies Tarantino showed the cast on set and what were his favorites
  • Deleted scenes talk.  Talks about his scenes that were cut out.  One of them was a five page scene with Leonardo Di Caprio.
  • Talks about future projects like G.I. Joe 2, what’s coming up on Justified, and says he’s in talks on a few other projects.
  • Did friends want to visit him on set while they were filming



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