Wanna See The Trailer For ‘Fanboys’?

     November 13, 2006

The trailer for Kyle Newman’s Fanboys was posted a day or two ago. I know this because Robert from IESB.net emailing me to let me know he put it up, and also due to some emails from readers who wanted to know what I thought about it. You may be asking why readers want to know what I think about this one trailer…

Well a few months ago I got to see a test screening of the unfinished film and I posted my really positive review here, in case you missed it. I wrote about how I thought it would appeal to normal people, not just Star Wars fans. I mentioned how at the core of the film was a story about friendship, about doing whatever you could for a friend in need. And most importantly, I wrote about how the film had a heart, how the people on screen were like friends that I had in real life.

I am sorry to say the trailer that was put online is nothing like the film. Yes it uses footage, but the entire reason why I dug the film is missing. I hate saying this… but the trailer is absolute crap.

So I am forced to wonder who made the choice to release this shit? And to the person who did… please answer these questions for me.

Why is ska music in the trailer? Why wouldn’t you use Rush or Weezer like what is used in the actual film?

Why is the William Shatner reveal in this trailer? And if you decided that you absolutely had to use it to sell the film, why would you not at least save it for the end of the trailer as a punch line to a joke?

Where is the real reason for taking the trip across country?

And most importantly. Why are you selling this as some immature, low-brow, Star Wars comedy when the film is so much more than that?

For all of you wondering about Fanboys, if you haven’t seen any footage from the film and you can’t wait, then check it out. All I can say is the film is so much better then the shitty trailer that was released. You will just have to trust me until next year when the film finally comes out.

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