Want to see what the WATCHMEN Red Carpet was really like…

     March 4, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

As most of you have already seen, over the past few days I’ve posted a ton of interviews from the Los Angeles premiere of “Watchmen”. To be honest, I thought I was done with everything, but I just remembered I shot one other thing…

Since 99% of you will never have a chance to stand on the red carpet of a premiere and see what it’s really like, I did what’s called a stand-up on the yellow carpet at the premiere. A stand-up is where the person on camera talks to everyone watching and describes where they are and what’s going on.

While I rarely do this kind of stuff, I thought you might like to see what a premiere is like before all the celebrities get there and while it’s relatively quiet.

So if you want to see Nite Owl’s ship and what the “Watchmen” premiere was like when I first got there, take a look. And if you missed the interviews, links are below the video.

Finally, if you missed some of the other yellow carpet interviews I did, here are a few links…

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