Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures to Part Ways

     June 25, 2013


One of the most fruitful studio partnerships in recent memory is coming to an end.  While there had been word for months that Legendary Pictures was looking to part ways with Warner Bros. at the end of its current contract cycle, some hoped that the executive restructuring at WB might convince Legendary to stay.  However, sources at both studios have reportedly confirmed that talks to renegotiate have ended and Legendary is now proceeding with more serious talks elsewhere.  Apparently the top contenders at this point are Universal, Sony, and Fox, with Lionsgate also in the running.  Hit the jump for more.

thomas-tullLegendary and Warner Bros. have enjoyed massive success since first partnering on Batman Begins, going on to produce the entirety of the Dark Knight trilogy, the Hangover films, Inception, and most recently Man of Steel and 42.  Legendary CEO Thomas Tull, however, has been looking to wield more creative control over the studio’s content as of late, which is presumably the reason that the company is in the market for a new distribution and possible co-financing partner.  Additionally, Variety reports that Warner Bros. has been looking to develop more properties alone rather than partnering with co-financiers.  The studio is reportedly hoping to approach its multiple DC Comics adaptations much in the same way it produced the Harry Potter franchise, which means mostly going solo on the production front and reaping the rewards.

Tull will continue to meet with other studios in the coming days, and a new deal is likely to be in place before the July 4th weekend.  Legendary’s next release is Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, which opens on July 12th.


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