Warner Bros. to Remake French Action Movie SLEEPLESS NIGHT

     September 22, 2011


What are film festivals for if not to introduce studio executives to foreign films they can remake?  The 2011 Toronto Film Festival put forth a nice set of remakeable properties.  Screen Gems has their eye on the Indonesian action movie The Raid; Warner Bros. found their own action movie from France.  According to Heat Vision, Warner Bros. has picked up he rights to make an English-language adaptation of Sleepless Night.  The original, directed by Frederic Jardin, centers “an undercover cop trying to get back his kidnapped son from a drug-dealing nightclub owner.”  Roy Lee will produce the American version; he has had prior success with remakes including The Ring, The Departed, and Quarantine.

Sleepless Night was a big hit in the Midnight Madness portion of the festival—Matt called it “one of the most exciting films” he’s seen at TIFF.  Hopefully both versions will eventually be available to us here in the U.S.  Hit the jump for the official synopsis.

A gunshot shatters the early-morning silence on the streets of Paris as two men in balaclavas intercept a car on a drug run. In the rushed heist that follows, one of the drug carriers in the vehicle is shot. The other escapes, but not before getting a glimpse of one of the men unmasked.

The next day, one of the thieves, Vincent (Tomer Sisley of Largo Winch), is addressed as lieutenant in the bathroom at work. This reveal — that the robbers are really cops — is the first of many in Frédéric Jardin’s SleeplessNight, which peels back layers of deceit one by one as the film plunges forward.

Vincent’s bag of coke belongs to a nightclub owner named Jose Marciano (Serge Riaboukine). When Jose learns he’s been double-crossed by the police, he kidnaps Vincent’s son, using the boy as a means to reclaim his stolen property. He tells Vincent the stash must be returned to his club by the end of the night. No drugs, and the cop will never see his son again.

Vincent enters Jose’s club — a dizzying complex that heaves with music and crowds — unaware that he’s being tailed by a rookie female officer working the drug robbery. From here, he is plunged into a perverse labyrinth of corruption and betrayal as he races against the clock to save his child.


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