Warner Bros. Acquires Screen Rights to THE FUTURE OF US

     May 23, 2011


Warner Bros. has picked up the screen rights to the upcoming novel The Future of Us.  Written by Jay Asher (13 Reasons Why) and Carolyn Macker (The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things), the story is set in 1996 when a young girl is browsing that new-fangled Internet and comes across her Facebook page from 2011.  Never mind the technological hurdles that would cause (I wondered if the page is slowly revealed over the course of several days as her dial-up modem struggles to process the data).  According to Deadline, when she sees the page, the girl and her best friend try to change themselves to fit into or reject their future lives.  I don’t have a problem believing that someone will develop an application that will send Facebook back in time or and I don’t have trouble being sympathetic to a young girl who is trying to adjust her life according to her future Facebook page (even though she clearly doesn’t understand that her future self is being selective about the information she reveals).  It’s that I’ll be shouting at the screen the whole time “You have the chance to invent Facebook!  Go be a billionaire!  You’ve got an eight-year jump on Zuckerberg!”  The book is set to hit shelves this November.

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