Warner Brothers Strikes Down Adaptation Of SHAZAM!

     January 6, 2009

Written by Nicole Pedersen

Remember that Captain Marvel movie Warner Brothers has been kicking around since 2006? Well, according to screenwriter John August the project is dead – that’s right, there will be no “Shazam!” And just so we’re clear what “dead” means, here is August’s exact quote:

“By “dead,” I mean that it won’t be happening. I don’t think it’s on the studio’s radar at all. It may come back in another incarnation, with another writer, but I can say with considerable certainty that it won’t be the version I developed.”

The project that had hack director Peter Segal attached and Dwayne Johnson apparently interested about a year ago was sabotaged, according to August, by Warner’s “Dark Knight” obsession – as in, funny superhero movies are out and dark superhero movies are in. What this formula spells for Seth Rogen’s “Green Hornet” adaptation is anyone’s guess.

August went through multiple drafts of “Shazam!” for both New Line and Warners, each one demanding changes to suit the current trends in superhero fare – stuff like how much Black Adam would the script contain and how serious we were supposed to take a man who is dressed in orange and shouts “Shazam!”

August goes into some crazy detail about the demise of “Shazam!” on his blog which also promises to provide useful tips on screenwriting – tip number one? Make sure you get paid well when you undertake a project that will never get made…

Read more of August’s Shazam! rant at Latino Review.

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