Warren Ellis’ Comic Book GRAVEL Optioned by Legendary Pictures

     October 8, 2009

Gravel comic book image - slice.jpg

It seems like everyday a new comic book movie gets announced. And today is no exception as Warren Ellis comic book, “Gravel”, has been optioned by Legendary Pictures and they’ve gotten Ellis to write the screenplay and also executive produce.  While all of the films being developed from more obscure comic books are starting to confuse me, I do think that this one can be something special.  More after the jump.

Gravel comic book image (2).jpgTHR’s Heat Vision Blog tells us that the ongoing comic book series blends espionage and dark fantasy elements while telling the story of British “combat magician” William Gravel.  They also tell us that Ellis first introduced the character in a 1999 limited series of graphic novels entitled “Strange Kiss.”  I don’t know what exactly a “combat magician” is, but I like the sound of it already.

I’ve read some of Warren Ellis’ work in the past and I’m a fan.  I’m now sadly out of the loop when it comes to the comic book world, but Ellis was one of the writers which I used follow closely when I was an avid comic reader.  The guy is a solid writer and having him write the screenplay raises my interests a lot.

The other reason why this film should be on your radar is Legendary Pictures will be producing the film.  They are currently the guys behind Sam Raimi’s “Warcraft” film, “Inception”, “Clash of the Titans”, “Sucker Punch”, and “Where the Wild Things Are”.  Just one look at all of these projects tells you that Legendary Pictures is dedicated in making some pretty cool films with some very talented and creative people.  I feel safe in assuming that in the next couple of months we will begin to see a great sounding film begin to form.  As always, we’ll keep you updated.

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