Watch 4 STAR WARS Spike TV Promos

     July 17, 2008

Earlier today I got an email alerting me to some new Spike TV Star Wars promos. While two of them were already online, they just released two new ones and since I hadn’t seen any of them before today, I figure they might be newto a lot of you as well.

While Star Wars definitely isn’t as popular as it used to be…people always tune in when the name Star Wars is in the title of any article. It’s as if we’ve all been trained like a Pavlovian dog to respond to the bell or a whistle.

Thankfully, some of the promos are well done…like the Boba Fett one.

Each promo is 30 seconds long and the names are Darth Vader Plays Golf, Don’t Mess with the Ewoks, Tusken Raiders at the Office, and Boba Fett at a Conference.


All 4 Spike TV Star Wars Promos

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