Watch 5 Movie Clips and 2 Red Band Clips from I LOVE YOU, MAN

     March 7, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Opening on March 20th is the very funny movie “I Love You, Man”. As I’ve said many times, I laughed my ass off watching this movie and can’t recommend it enough. It’s also one of those rare movies that you can see with your guy friends or on a date and have a good time either way. Trust me, you definitely want to check this film out.

Saying that, this weekend I’m in New York City for the press junket and I’ve just been given 5 clips from the film so you can check them out below. I’m also posting the two red band clips again. If you’re curious about “I Love You, Man”, check out the clips. I think you’ll like what you see.

And for the people who haven’t yet heard of the movie….

“I Love You, Man” is about Paul Rudd’s character (Peter Klaven) not having any guy friends. So when he gets engaged, he doesn’t have a best man. Meanwhile, his soon to be wife is loaded with bridesmaids. Paul immediately sets out to rectify the situation by going out on “man-dates”. Enter Jason Segel’s character of Sydney Fife. After an awkward beginning, they begin to get to know one another and it leads to a bro-mance. But does this new friendship jeopardize everything else in his life….

What I really loved about the movie is that all of the characters felt like real people. None of them were movie cliché’s with some dark secret waiting to be revealed in the third act.

Also, some of the funniest moments were the little things that we all talk about…like “Lost” DVDs, or whether or not to go out on a Sunday night when certain TV shows are on. The characters in the movie were all growing up and dealing with the changes that go with it. Also, there were a lot of very funny conversations regarding sex. Trust me, without spoiling it….when you finally see the movie you will be laughing out loud during a certain speech….

And with that…enjoy the clips.

Clip 1 – Girlfriend guy

Clip 2 – Open house

Clip 3 – Trying to get pregnant

Clip 4 – Prepare to be Rushified

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Clip 5 – Do you play an instrument

Red Band Clip 1 – Boat Race

Red Band Clip 2 – Lock the Tongue Down

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