Watch 8 Promos for GOSSIP GIRL Season Two

     August 9, 2008

I’ll admit I watch “Gossip Girl.”

While I have no idea what pulled me into the show like this as I’ve never watched any show like it…I’ll admit I’m loving it. Each episode has drama, cat fights, and plenty of tits and ass….just the sort of things that everyone needs in a weekly high school show. And even though I know season two will probably disappoint me (a show that moves as fast as “Gossip Girl” has a tough time keeping the story afloat), I cannot wait to start watching season two when it comes back on September 1st.

And with the new season fast approaching, I’ve been sent a bunch of teasers for you to watch. But since each teaser is about 15 seconds, I’ve decided to put them all together for 2 minutes of non-stop “Gossip Girl.” If you’re a fan of the first season, you’ll see what the kids have been up to….and if you’ve never watched an episode…these teasers will def. sum up the show in 2 minutes. And if they don’t get you to tune in…nothing will.

One last thing…with all the parents groups and TV watchdogs coming after the show…the marketing people have done the smartest thing I’ve seen in a long time….they’ve embraced the critics and plastered their opinions all over the posters. As you can see on the 4 ads below, I think the critics are only going to help the show get bigger and more popular. These ads are really well done….

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