Watch a Preview of HEROES: Villains

     August 13, 2008

Like all of you, I absolutely hated the last season of “Heroes.” While I tuned in each week and ate the crap they were serving, I didn’t like any of it. The story moved too slow, the action looked terrible, and the people in charge kept on introducing characters that the audience didn’t care about. It’s like they took stupid pills and then decided to write the all the episodes.

Thankfully, I’ve heard the upcoming season is the real deal. Apparently, it’s all action and it doesn’t slow down. While I’m still nervous and don’t want to get too excited, they did show the first episode at Comic-Con and everyone I know who saw it really liked it. I just hope the season is as good as that first episode.

But I’m like a battered wife in an abusive relationship, I’ll probably tune in even if the entire season sucks and make excuses for why I’m doing it. What can I say…I love watching people with superpowers on TV.

Anyway, NBC has just released a clip for the upcoming season which is called “Villains.” As you’ll see…it does look like it has some promise…

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