Watch: This ‘A Star Is Born’-‘Muppets’ Mashup is Oscar-worthy

     September 19, 2018

kermit-the-drog-sliceBy all accounts, A Star Is Born is the big audience-pleaser out of TIFF, with a reportedly mind-blowing directorial debut from Bradley Cooper, a soul-rousing performance from Lady Gaga, and a soundtrack that will invade your brain for days. That’s all well and good, but I submit to you the idea that we forget all that nonsense and instead nominate this parody video from comedian Kevin T. Porter for every Oscar category possible, and even a few that don’t exist yet. Porter’s on-point as hell video mashes up the trailer for A Star Is Born with footage of The Muppets and believe me when I say it’s the best thing you’ll see today. Sorry, Batman’s dick.

Speaking to EW, Porter noted it took him about three days to create the video—which cribs footage from Muppets Take ManhattanThe Muppet MovieThe Great Muppet CaperThe Muppets, and Muppets Most Wanted—and that he was inspired by the noblest of causes: the memes.

“I haven’t seen the movie yet but like most of America I fell in love with the trailer, especially the memes the trailer generated on Twitter. The only regret I have is that I wasn’t able to get a shot of Sam the Eagle as Sam Elliott.”

I too regret this. A Star Is Born doesn’t officially hit theaters until October 5, at which point it will surely tear a hole in the fabric of film fandom with its heartwarming themes and proof that Bradley Cooper is also good at singing. Until then, please enjoy this brief moment of joy thanks to Porter and The Muppets, who we now know are 100% more sexually charged than anyone on Sesame Street.

Check out the video below, and then watch the actual trailer for A Star Is Born below that and bask in the pure accuracy.

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