Watch Stephen Colbert Shave the “Colbeard” in First LATE SHOW Promo

     June 3, 2015


Remember after Al Gore lost the Presidential election and he went into hiding in Tennessee for awhile, growing that righteous beard? Stephen Colbert has followed suit during his hiatus between the end of The Colbert Report and the start of The Late Show. Cultivating his “homeless sea captain look,” Colbert appears to be pretty bored, but doesn’t want us to forget about him. As he says in his first promo video for The Late Show: “I’m Stephen Colbert. Welcome to the internet. Good news: I still exist.”


Image via CBS

The five-minute video is our glimpse into the kind of humor and personality Colbert will bring to the Late Show desk, and so far it looks pretty (wonderfully) bizarre. He decides to shave off  the storied “Colbeard” into a few different stages before going fully clean-cut. Some of his stops along the way include the “un-Hitler,” an Amish-inspired look, and “the half-Wolverine.” He also refers to Tom Selleck’s mustache as “a total bitch.”

Check out the video below, and try not to gag over seeing hair covering a hotdog, because that is gross to the max. Also be sure to note the board behind Colbert and the list of things he needs for the show, as well as other little funny details, like his password. A flashback to his glory days of having a beard is also really, really strange (but awesome). His new persona is not to same as the Colbert Report, but it’s definitely heightened by some surrealism which is great. We’ll see if CBS’s audience likes it or not, though, on September 8th when The Late Show with Stephen Colbert debuts.


Image via CBS