Watch the entire FANBOYS Press Conference from the STAR WARS Celebration

     May 29, 2007

Before getting to this press conference, if you missed my video interviews with Kyle Newman or Jay Baruchel just click on their names.

On Saturday afternoon I attended the “Fanboys” press conference for the media at the “Star Wars” Celebration. While they normally don’t let you video tape these things… I saw a few others doing it so I quickly set up my Mini DV camera and hit record. Now that you know this was a fly by night operation… you’ll hopefully forgive the sound quality.

Here is the deal: I raised the master volume to almost as high as it could go before I rendered the footage, but due to everyone being so far away from my camera and set up… some of it is not too good and some of it sounds great. You’ll just have to deal with the problems as it was the best I could do.

Now that I’ve given you the bad news, here is the good.

The “Fanboys” press conference had a lot of the cast including Kristen Bell, Sam Huntington, Jay Baruchel, writers Adam Goldberg and Ernest Cline, Director Kyle Newman and the Producers.

Tons of stuff got asked from what will be on the DVD, what’s coming up at comic con, when is the trailer coming out, what’s up with the reshoots, everything you could want to know gets covered.

The entire press conference runs about 24 minutes. Due to the length I’ve divided it up into three parts and you can watch them all below. While a lot of the time the camera is in wide angle mode, I zoom in a lot so you can see whose talking.

Hope you enjoy it.

And just in case I wasn’t supposed to video tape it, I’d watch it right now. I might have to take it down.

Fanboys Press Conference part 1

Fanboys Press Conference part 2

Fanboys Press Conference part 3

click on any image for a high resolution version

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