‘The Office’ Is Returning to Free TV Through the Cozi Network

     December 11, 2018

the-office-steve-carell-sliceThe year is coming to a close and Best TV of 2018 lists are breathlessly being composed, a process made infinitely harder by the fact it’s both easier and more satisfying to just re-watch The Office. At least there’s good news on that front [h/t Vulture]: Cozi TV, an NBCUniversal-owned network that you most likely can watch for free via antenna, will begin airing Office episodes weeknights at 10 pm beginning January 1, 2019. As you begin yet another descent into Scranton, Pennsylvania, do remember that if “The Injury” isn’t your favorite episode, it’s okay to have an incorrect opinion!

“But I have Netflix,” you’re probably yelling. Do you want another Friends situation? That’s how you get another Friends situation.

Of course, an Office re-watch might be in order for much more practical reasons. Rumblings of a revival have been kicking up again, thanks mostly to the modern TV landscape that revives every sitcom with a 80-90% living cast, but also Steve Carrell‘s Saturday Night Live monologue and this cast reunion over brunch:

The Office—an American remake of a UK sitcom that follows the inner workings of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company—ran for nine seasons on NBC between 2005 and 2013, picking up four Primetime Emmy Awards along the way. It also debuted to the world possible 2018 Best Director Oscar nominee John Krasinski, shot Carrell into superstardom, and made household names out of Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson, Mindy Kaling, and B.J. Novak.

If you’re looking for a handy refresher on all things The Office, I highly recommend our Top 50 Episodes, Ranked piece, which, again, is the objectively correct ranking, proven by science and hard numbers.