Wayne Kramer to Direct ECSTASIA

     June 3, 2011


I’ve been keeping director Wayne Kramer on my radar ever since he landed a successful one-two punch with The Cooler and Running Scared.  Kramer was briefly attached to helm the Sylvester Stallone action-revenge flick Headshot, but left the project and was replaced by veteran Walter Hill (48 Hrs.).  Deadline reports that Kramer is now set to direct Ecstasia for Relativity Media.  The film takes place in an alternate universe where love no longer exists and has to be artificially created through use of an emotional Viagra called Ecstasia.  The story centers on a couple who turn to desperate measure when they no longer afford the implanted computer chip that provides the emotional high.  So by “desperate measure”, does that mean they decided to have a kid?  Hey-o!  Ah, loveless families.  Comedy gold.

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