WEAR THESE: Every Shirt Sheldon Cooper Has Worn on THE BIG BANG THEORY and Where You Can Buy Them

     February 19, 2010


Despite his many neurosis and idiosyncrasies, The Big Bang Theory‘s Dr. Sheldon Cooper (played to perfection by Jim Parsons) has excellent geek fashion style.  His shirts (which he always wears over a long-sleeve) feature references to superheroes, quantum physics, geek television shows, and robots.  So where does he get them all?  With all his germaphobia and disdain for personal interaction, I imagine he gets them online.

Now you can too!  SheldonShirts.com has found almost every shirt Sheldon wears and provided a link to where you can buy them online.  As a bonus, they’ve also found Leonard’s shirts,  Wolowitz’ hideous belt buckles, shirts based on The Big Bang Theory (my personal favorite being the one featuring Sheldon’s face with the word “Bazinga!” emblazoned underneath), and other delightful items from the show like the Periodic Table of Elements shower curtain to the tattoo sleeves Wolowitz and Raj used to appear goth in one episode.

The Big Bang Theory is on Mondays at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.

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