Wear This: TRON and THE BIG LEBOWSKI T-Shirt Mashup

     December 8, 2010


A brilliant friend of mine joked on Twitter last week that because of his busy schedule, he would need to combine his December Jeff Bridges films into one fantastic flick called “True Grid”.  Artist image “spacemonkeydr” over at TeeFury has switched out True Grit for The Big Lebowski in his Tron mash-up, but I don’t have a clever title for what that movie would be called.  However, if–according to the TRON: Legacy tagline–“The Game Has Changed”, then I imagine that they’ll be playing with light balls and light pins as they try to get the score light strikes.  As Program Walter might say, “Fuck it, Dude.  Let’s go light bowling.”

Hit the jump to check out the shirt, which costs $9 and is available for purchase today onlyTRON: Legacy opens December 17th.  True Grit opens December 22nd.  True Grid opens in my awesome dreams every night.

Click over to TeeFury to buy the shirt.


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