‘Wedding Crashers 2’ Is in the Works, According to Isla Fisher

     November 17, 2016


This week brings the return of Billy Bob Thornton‘s boozing thief and part-time mall Santa in Bad Santa 2, an intermittently promising, wholly miserable sequel to Terry Zwigoff‘s exceptional original. The debut of this sequel, like so many other comedy sequels, begs a question that’s been uttered toward innumerable sequels: Who asked for this? I’m sure if I took a deep dive into Reddit or the comments section of IMDB, I’d get my answer, so, I guess the bigger question is: Why are comedy sequels so consistently bad? There’s no singular answer for this but one has to imagine that laziness and indifference toward the art form are two major reasons for this. The point is not to make a good movie. The point is to make something with brand-recognition to fill out the spaces between blockbusters and Oscar bait.


Image via New Line

So, when Isla Fisher announced today on…Today that a sequel to Wedding Crashers is in the works, my skepticism skyrocketed immediately. According to Fisher, Vince Vaughn told her the news during a recent run-in and though nothing is even close to confirmed, the gears seem to be in motion. To me, this feels like a test balloon, a comment made to see just how interested the public would be in seeing Owen Wilson and Vaughn return as the not-so-classy diptych, along with Fisher and Rachel McAdams. If this article gets a lot of good comments, shares, and the news is picked up on several different sites, then they’ll know that there is an audience and they’ll start taking it more seriously.

Then again, Fisher seems to intimate that the wheels have been in motion for a bit, so there’s no real telling at this point. All that I can say at this point is that if they do end up making Wedding Crashers 2, I hope they hire an actual director with experience or ambition to make it something halfway memorable. The last thing anyone needs is another depressingly mediocre jumble of repetitive jokes and call backs that largely don’t work for the low, low cost of tens of millions of dollars.

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