Weekend Box Office – ALICE IN WONDERLAND Passes $200 Million On Its Second Weekend

     March 14, 2010


Lots of new movies hit the multiplex this weekend, but none of them were in 3D so who cares? Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland continued to dominate, even with a 46% decline over its record-breaking first weekend. Domestically, the film passed the $200 million mark on its tenth day in release while also cleaning up overseas with an additional $221 million.

Title Weekend Total
1 Alice in Wonderland $62,000,000 $208.6
2 Green Zone $14,535,000 $14.5
3 She’s Out of My League $9,600,000 $9.6
4 Remember Me $8,100,000 $8.1
5 Shutter Island $8,140,000 $108
6 Our Family Wedding $7,600,000 $7.6
7 Avatar $6,600,000 $730.3
8 Brooklyn’s Finest $4,290,000 $21.3
9 Cop Out $4,320,000 $39.4
10 The Crazies $3,650,000 $33.3

Despite so-so word of mouth, Alice in Wonderland maintained a good hold Monday through Thursday and, let’s face it, with an opening weekend over $115 million, even a 60% drop wasn’t going to keep Wonderland out of the top spot by the time the weekend rolled around. The film’s actual drop of 46% gives Alice an impressive estimate of $62 million – good enough to earn it sixth place on the list of all-time best second weekends.

green_zone_movie_image_matt_damon_03.jpgOf the four major new releases, Universal’s R-rated Green Zone entered the weekend race with the best chance of taking on Alice… in theory at least. The military thriller (don’t call it an Iraq movie!) is from the team that brought us the last two Bourne movies, including director Paul Greengrass and star Matt Damon. Green Zone debuted on 3,003 two-dimensional screens and brought in an estimated three day total of $14.5 or $4,840 per screen making it the most successful debut for a film centered on, let’s call it the “Middle Eastern Situation,” since 2007’s The Kingdom. That bar is set pretty low.

Shes Out of My League Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve.jpgNext up, Paramount’s dating comedy She’s Out of My League which opened in 2,956 locations. The film stars the very funny Jay Baruchel of Tropic Thunder and Jay & Seth vs. the Apocalypse fame. I am going to avoid seeing She’s Out of My League for as long as possible because I would like to keep thinking of him as “The Very Funny Jay Baruchel.” Those willing to take the chance brought She’s Out of My League an estimated $9.6 million. That’s roughly half of what Cop Out brought in on its first weekend two weeks ago. I blame the studio for unloading the film on the most congested week of 2010 thus far.

Coming in fourth is Summit Entertainment’s Remember Me, starring Robert Pattinson. The man is more than the sum of his Twilight parts, after all. I happened to catch Pattinson promoting clips from the film on daytime TV this past week and I couldn’t help but feel that there was more human emotion in the actor’s remember_me_movie_image_emile_de_ravin_robert_pattinson_01.jpgportrayal of Edward Cullen than in any of the promos for Remember Me. I hope you can appreciate the irony there. Critics seemed to agree, giving the film a Rotten Tomato rating of 27%. This didn’t faze team Edward, however. The hard core fans helped Pattinson bring in an estimated $8.1 million from the 2,212 locations for the otherwise unremarkable Remember Me.

Our final new release, Fox Searchlight’s Our Family Wedding, had the lowest exposure this weekend, premiering in just over 1,600 sites. It also had a strategically limited marketing campaign which placed its TV spots almost exclusively on channels like Lifetime. This may be the reason that I only learned that a movie called “Our Family Wedding” existed three days ago. Despite its narrow target demo and 18% Tomato score, the film did fairly well. The family comedy starring Forest Whitaker and America Ferrera brought in an estimated $7.6 million for a per screen average of $4,735 – about equal to the average for Green Zone, in other words.

Next week the weekend box office will be a tad less crowded but even less interesting. New releases include Repo Men with Jude Law and The Bounty Hunter with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. Snore. Unless you are one of those people who is waiting to see Bounty Hunter to determine if the onscreen chemistry between Aniston and “that guy from 300” might give you a clue as to the couple’s long-term relationship prospects. And if that is the case – you really need to get a life.

The Bounty Hunter movie image Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston slice.jpg

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