Weekend Box Office: ‘It’ Narrowly Beats ‘American Made’ to the Top Spot

     October 1, 2017


This week’s box office race went down to the wire but it’s now pretty clear that It will take the top spot over American Made. Weekend estimates currently have the Stephen King adaptation at $17.3 million with Doug Liman‘s latest Tom Cruise vehicle bringing in $17 million in its opening bow. That’s a difference of about $300,000 between the top two spots, underlining the seemingly unstoppable appeal of Andy Muschietti‘s horror blockbuster.


Image via Universal

It’s even more remarkable that some $16,000 separates American Made and Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which came in at third with $17 million. This speaks to a dwindling appeal for Cruise in general, at least domestically. Internationally, Liman’s film has made $64 million before even arriving in Japan, which means that the film’s $50 million budget has been neutralized on top of the undisclosed marketing costs both in the states and abroad. The Kingsman sequel, which is as bad a movie as this year has seen thus far, has also benefitted hugely from international audiences, which has racked up $68 million on top of the $66 million domestic take against the movie’s $104 million production tab.

As unimpressive as American Made‘s debut has been, it’s certainly not as bad as its fellow openers. Flatliners, a bad remake of an inexplicably boring 80s whatsit, came in at fifth with $6.7 million domestically and $3.1 million internationally, making up just about half of its $19 million budget. This wasn’t even enough to put the supernatural thriller past The LEGO Ninjago Movie, the worst of the LEGO movies thus far, which held tight in fourth place with $12 million. Even lower down the list, expanded showings of The Battle of the Sexes only netted $3.4 million, barely beating out American Assassin in its third frame.


Image via Alcon Entertainment / Warner Bros.

It’s hard to imagine Ninjago or Flatliners surviving next weekend, which will bring Blade Runner 2049 for the adults and My Little Pony for the kids and The Mountain Between Us for…somebody. After the down-to-the-wire competition that this week brought, it will prove  fascinating to see how big a blow-out Blade Runner will cause, especially after It has made it clear that it’s not leaving the top five quietly.

Here’s your top five for the weekend:

Title Weekend Domestic BO Total Domestic BO
1. ‘It’ $17,310,000 $291,182,790
2. ‘American Made’ $17,016,000 $17,016,000
3. ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ $17,000,000 $66,701,588
4. ‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie’ $12,000,000 $35,556,065
5. ‘Flatliners’ $6,700,000 $6,700,000

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