Weekend Box Office: ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Rules Over ‘Logan’ with $61 Million Take

     March 12, 2017


The King is back! Kong: Skull Island is now looking to beat out high estimates that had it coming in a little over $50 million at the box office this weekend. Skull Island now looks to be taking in some $61 million for the entire weekend, easily besting the still-roaring Logan in its second frame. It’s a solid triumph for the film’s rigorous creative team, which drew heavily from Apocalypse Now for inspiration in the jungle setting, but eyes are already on the more important question: does it have legs?


Image via 20th Century Fox

Logan came in with $37.9 million this weekend, dropping a little under 60% from its opening weekend. That is a surprisingly encouraging percentage for comic book movies, the fans of which often make a point of coming out for opening weekend and indulge repeat viewings in many cases. Though Skull Island has name recognition, and is an amiable-enough entertainment, the likelihood of a similarly mild drop is not great, especially with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast about to hit shores next weekend. Skull Island has a massive budget to make up – upwards of $150 million –  and if the next week does not prove to retain a sizable share of the audience, all hopes will be pinned to the film’s bow in China in two weeks and whatever can be made up in home entertainmnent. Risky stuff, to be sure.

Otherwise, there was no major shifts in the rest of the box office. Jordan Peele‘s groundbreaking Get Out continues its confident stride with $21 million, putting the masterwork, made for under $5 million, over the $100 million mark at the box office. This alone is enough to temper one’s cynicism about the movie business, but then again, The Shack, a lunatic religious fable, held onto the spot under Get Out this week as well. The LEGO Batman Movie enjoyed what will likely be its last week in the top five, rounding out the list and if Kong: Skull Island can pull off a similar stunt, there may be a chance of genuine profit in its future. As always, we shall see about all of this.

Here’s the weekend box office numbers:

Title Weekend Box Office To-Date Box Office
1. ‘Kong: Skull Island’ $61,015,000 $61,015,000
2. ‘Logan’ $37,850,000 $152,656,733
3. ‘Get Out’ $21,072,000 $111,054,445
4. ‘The Shack’ $10,050,000 $32,268,691
5. ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ $7,820,000 $159,023,660

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