Weekend Box Office: ‘The Boss Baby’ Puts All Comers in the Backseat

     April 9, 2017


No, you didn’t read that Tweet, headline, or Facebook post wrong. For the second weekend in a row, an animated movie about an Alec Baldwin-voiced rugrat in a suit is America’s most popular movie at the box office. Part of me imagines this is somehow an extension of having a rather large baby leading the country, but if you watch The Boss Baby, one would have to stretch to find anything remotely timely within the narrative itself. No, the popularity of DreamWorks’ latest, which took in $26.3 million this weekend, is more indicative of having very little worthwhile – in wide release, anyway – for adults to see that isn’t at least a few weeks old.


Image via Disney

Indeed, for whatever its appeal to all demographics on the check list, Disney’s shallow remake of Beauty and the Beast, which held strong in second place with $25 million, remains a movie for children and teens. The same goes for Power Rangers and Smurfs: The Lost Village, though the former certainly edges more toward the high school crowd. This could also be said of Ghost in the Shell, which landed in the fifth spot with a little over $7.3 million, though its source material has drawn in a contingent of adult die-hard fans of the original anime. The only movie that is less than three weeks old for adults would be Zach Braff’s innocuous remake of Going in Style, which landed in fourth this weekend with $12.5 million. As someone who has often been referred to as an adult, I can attest that I’d rather watch the new Smurfs, which took in $14 million to land in third, than deal with whatever bad jokes and shallow political observations power Braff’s latest comedy.

Of course, this is the last weekend that any of these movies would have had at the top spot. Next weekend brings in another juggernaut, The Fate of the Furious, which very well could hold the top spot for the rest of April until Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters on May 5th. Nothing that comes out in the two weeks in between strikes me as real competition for F. Gary Gray‘s take on the behemoth-franchise and the idea of the film falling short of expectations is borderline ridiculous at this point. Summer season is upon us gang, so brace for an onslaught of mediocre movies that make truly ludicrous amounts of money.

Here’s the top five at the box office this weekend:

Title Weekend Box Office Total Box Office
1. ‘The Boss Baby’ $26,300,000 $89,373,318
2. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ $25,022,000 $432,316,034
3. ‘Smurfs: The Lost Village’ $14,015,000 $14,015,000
4. ‘Going in Style’ $12,500,000 $12,500,000
5.’Ghost in the Shell’ $7,350,000 $31,573,450

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