Weekend Box Office: ‘The Nun’ Conjures Up a Franchise-Record $53 Million

     September 9, 2018

the-nun-sliceHoly crap, The Nun is doing well. Warner Bros.’ demonic horror flick took home $53 million in its opening weekend, the second best September bow of all time—right behind IT—and the best for any film in producer James Wan‘s Conjuring Universe. The film is a holy terror internationally as well, popping out of the shadows to take in $131 million. Directed by Corin Hardy from a script by Gary Dauberman, The Nun explores the origins of the habit-wearing demon Valak who first appeared to Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) in The Conjuring 2. The movie reportedly cost $22 million to make.

It’s another huge win for Warner Bros. in a summer full of them. Between The Nun, Crazy Rich Asians—which raked in another $13.6 million in its fourth outing, good enough for second place—and The Meg, the studio has dominated the summer. For the first time in 25 years, a single studio has occupied the top two spots at the box office for four straight weeks.

Elsewhere, the laptop-screen mystery thriller Searching held on firmly in the face of The Nun, taking in $4.5 million in its second weekend, a drop-off of just over 25%. The film follows John Cho as a father seeking his missing daughter in the Bay Area and makes an intriguing case for Hollywood to stop messing around and start casting John Cho in more things.

Newcomer Peppermint couldn’t kick up much of an impact in its first weekend, debuting in third place to the tune of $13.3 million. The R-Rated action-thriller stars Jennifer Garner seeking revenge on the drug cartel who murdered her family.

Check out the weekend’s top 10 estimates below, and come back next week to see if The Predator can hunt down any serious numbers.

Rank Title Weekend Total
1. The Nun $53,500,000 $53,500,000
2. Crazy Rich Asians $13,600,000 $136,222,165
3. Peppermint $13,260,000 $13,260,000
4. The Meg $6,030,000 $131,572,774
5. Searching $4,515,000 $14,311,130
6. Mission: Impossible – Fallout $3,800,000 $212,116,767
7. Disney’s Christopher Robin $3,196,000 $91,725,090
8. Operation Finale  $3,043,000 $14,107,446
9. Alpha $2,505,000 $32,447,518
10. BlacKkKlansman $1,565,000 $43,454,530

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