Weekend Box Office – THE POSSESSION Closes Out Summer 2012 with $17.7 Million

     September 2, 2012


I wasn’t expecting fireworks over Labor Day weekend, so I shouldn’t be disappointed that none materialized. As expected, The Possession dethroned The Expendables 2 to bring summer 2012, officially, to a close.

Title Weekend Total
1. The Possession $17,725,000 $17.7
2. Lawless $9,674,000 $11.8
3. The Expendables 2 $8,800,000 $66.1
4. The Bourne Legacy $7,648,000 $96.2
5. ParaNorman $6,551,000 $38.8
6. Odd Life of Timothy Green $6.055,000 $35.9
7. The Dark Knight Rises $5,880,000 $431.1
8. The Campaign $5.445,000 $73
9. 2016 Obama’s America $5,103,000 $18.2
10.  Hope Springs $4,700,000 $52

the-possession-imageNot even the return of Marvel’s The Avengers was enough to bring back the excitement on this final frame of the summer box office. The film that opened the season in record-breaking style expanded into 1,750 locations for the holiday weekend; and while it failed to break the top ten, its latest estimate of $1.7 million brought the film’s domestic total up to $619.5 million and a staggering $1.493 billion worldwide.

Overall, however, the summer box office ended with a whimper – down approximately 7% from last year. The PG-13 scarer The Possession was the clear winner, taking in an estimated $17.7 million from 2,816 locations. Unfortunately, that victory represents the lowest number one debut of the entire year. Holdovers, like last weekend’s The Expendables 2, have had lower first-place totals; but for 2012’s new releases, the Sam Raimi-produced The Possession stands alone. January’s The Grey, with $19.6 million, is now second.

lawless-posterThe drama Lawless came in second this weekend, with an estimate of less than $10 million from its 2,888 locations. The TWC acquisition opened on Wednesday and was hoping to collect at least $15 million by the end of the long Labor Day weekend.

It’s hard to say what the producer of The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure was hoping to collect. The independently-produced all-ages feature earned just $448,131 for the 3-day weekend for an estimated total of $673,000 since its Wednesday debut. Because Oogieloves was launched in 2,160 locations (tying the record for a non-studio family release) it now claims the title for the worst opening ever in more than 2,000 theatres. 2008’s Delgo (also in 2,160 theatres in December of that year) was the previous champ with its three-day opening of $511,920.

So, see? Labor Day wasn’t as deadly dull as it first appeared! This weekend’s box office had two record breakers, after all. Sure, they weren’t the kind of records anyone sets out to break when they release a film; but at least they provided me with an excuse to post more than the top ten! We can only hope that September has something equally exciting in store. Next weekend brings us another two new contenders: The Cold Light of Day, from Summit Entertainment, and The Words from CBS Films. The former features Bruce Willis and Henry Cavill while the latter stars Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana.



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