Weekend Box Office: ‘Moana’ Regains Her Throne, ‘La La Land’ Breaks Records

     December 11, 2016


As predicted, Office Christmas Party might have had a good time Friday night, but as soon as it hit Saturday morning it was going to be all Moana. And so it has come to pass, with Disney’s movie coming out on top of the Weekend Box Office with $18.8 million. Plus, Moana‘s aesthetics are a nice reprieve from the winter doldrums. Keep doing your thing, girl.

It’s worth noting internationally that Office Christmas Party gained $16.4 million, and was close on Moana‘s heels domestically with $17.5 million. But it is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them that secured the number one spot internationally with $33.1 million (bringing its total to $480 million), with China leading the way and the UK in second place. Domestically, Fantastic Beasts dipped 40% this week, but is still bringing in a steady box office haul.


Image via Paramount Pictures

The biggest story of the weekend, though, continues to be the success of La La Land, which is now has secured the second-biggest per-theater totals ($171k per) after Grand Budapest Hotel ($202k per) for a total of $855,000. It also scored $4.6 million internationally, almost all of which came from South Korea. The film will expand to 40 markets next week.

Expansion did not suit Miss Sloane, though, which widened its release to 1,648 theaters and only brought in $1,153 per, for a total of $1.9 million which kept it out of the Top 10. Arrival, however, added 200 theaters and is in the number four spot this weekend. I finally went to see it last night (and love love LOVED it), and the theater was the most packed I’ve seen in a long time (especially for a movie that didn’t open that same weekend). Manchester By the Sea and Nocturnal Animals are also seeing gains from awards buzz.

What did you go and support this weekend? Let us know, and check out the full Top 10 weekend box office results below:

Rank     Title Weekend Total
1 Moana $18,842,000 $145,008,593
2 Office Christmas Party $17,500,000 $17,500,000
3 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them $10,785,000 $199,310,903
4 Arrival $5,600,000 $81,451,708
5 Doctor Strange $4,631,000 $222,362,446
6 Allied $4,000,000 $35,633,452
7 Nocturnal Animals $3,193,685 $6,219,813
8 Manchester By the Sea $3,155,330 $8,325,531
9 Trolls $3,110,000 $145,490,004
10 Hacksaw Ridge $2,300,000 $60,862,448

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