Classic Todd Solondz Movie WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE Gets Followed Up By WEINER DOG, Swaps Out Heather Matarazzo For Greta Gerwig

     October 24, 2014


Welcome to the Dollhouse was a funny, but emotionally brutalizing calling card for director Todd Solondz back in 1996 (it paved the way for the even more brutal Happiness).  So I’m sort of circumspect about the “whimsical” nature that his follow-up film Weiner Dog allegedly has.  The ensemble film is apparently tied together “thematically by a dachshund” but nothing pretty or soft really lasts that long in a Solondz film.

The story will revolve around several interconnected threads, one of which will center on Dawn Weiner, the relentlessly mocked protagonist that Heather Matarazzo played in Dollhouse.  This time out the role (for reasons related to art or commerce I’m not sure, maybe both) will be handled by Greta Gerwig.  Hit the jump for more on Weiner Dog.

todd-solondzTHR broke the story about the film and states that:

The script tells several stories featuring people who find their life inspired or changed by one particular dachshund, who seems to be spreading comfort and joy.

Again, this being a Solondz joint, I’d put some emphasis on the word “seems.” Who knows though, maybe he has a better outlook on things now that the world is in an infinitely worse place than it was in 1996.  They say the best art is often a reaction against the times, so the only way to rebel right now would be with optimism.  Julie Delpy is also reportedly in talks to play another role in the piece.  Megan Ellison is producing for Annapurna along with Christine Vachon‘s Killer Films.

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