Weinsteins purchase rights to Judy Garland biography GET HAPPY

     February 3, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

Tragic Hollywood: it can be oh so cliché yet oh so heartbreaking if done right. Hopefully it will get done right as The Weinstein Company is planning to adapt Gerard Clarke’s biography of Judy Garland, “Get Happy”. Clarke also wrote the biography of Truman Capote which was the basis for Dan Futterman’s Oscar-nominated script for “Capote” so he’s got some cred.

The role of Garland will be a boon for actresses and it will take at least two to play her as I assume they won’t simply gloss through her childhood acting years. I also wonder if they’ll use Garland’s actual recordings (like Spike Lee is doing with Wesley Snipes for the James Brown biopic) or if they’ll get an actress who thinks she can sing as well as Judy Garland. My guess is the latter because you don’t want to turn off those Academy voters.

The role of Garland could be a major breakthrough for a young actress or an opportunity to cement a legacy for a current A-list actress. Either way, I’m very curious to see who will get cast in this exciting role.

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