What “Big Franchise Film” Does Werner Herzog Secretly Have a Role In?

     September 11, 2018

werner-herzog-sliceWerner Herzog, the German filmmaker with the voice of a particularly cursed mummy returned to life, has secretly filmed a role in a franchise film, and the mystery of it all is straight up killing me. I need to know. I would investigate Werner Herzog’s home right now if I wasn’t 100% certain it is guarded by some type of vengeful spirit. Speaking to Indiewire about his TIFF documentary Meeting Gorbachev, Herzog not only let slip that he filmed the role but that the “big franchise film” is codenamed Huckleberry.

At TIFF, the director told IndieWire that he would soon act in “a big franchise film, about which I’m not supposed to say anything,” he said. “I can only say the title. The code name is ‘Huckleberry.’” He chuckled. “For god’s sake, that’s only a cover,” he said.

The thought of Werner Herzog popping up in literally any superhero franchise fills me with more joy than the entirety of Batman vs. Superman. I pictured Werner Herzog behind the wheel of a souped-up Mustang in Hobbs and Shaw and teared up a little. I hope Werner Herzog shows up in the Conjuring Universe to tell Ed and Lorraine Warren that the real ghosts reside in the darkest depths of the human soul. There are no bad options here. A shameful part of me hopes it’s Pitch Perfect 4.

Huckleberry. Huckleberry. What does it mean? Well, “I’m your huckleberry” is an expression made famous by the 1993 Western Tombstone. Tombstone is also the name of a Spider-Man crime-lord villain. Spider-Man: Far From Home is currently filming in Europe. Therefore, I can confidently conclude that Werner Herzog secretly filmed a role in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Or maybe Herzog just filmed in a role in an obscure film titled Huckleberry and has a very abstract idea of what determines a “franchise.” Anything is possible here, folks. Or maybe I should say…impossible.

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