Wes Craven’s 25/8 Becomes MY SOUL TO TAKE

     October 19, 2009

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It took a while, but Wes Craven eventually realized that an extra hour added to each day doesn’t mathematically warrant an eighth day of the week, and has therefore opted to change the title of his latest film from “25/8” to “My Soul to Take.”  When you say the two together it sounds like a made-up verse for the Freddie Krueger song by a child who hasn’t learned to count yet.  In any case, click the jump to hear more about the first written by/directed by film from Craven since 1994’s “New Nightmare.”

As reported by Shock Till You Drop, Wes Craven broke the news of the title change on his Twitter page, where he mentions that “25/8” was always just a working title for the film.  It stars Max Thierot, Denzel Whitaker, and Shareeka Epps with Thierot as the lead character who is possibly being stalked by his serial killer father sixteen years after his death.

Sources of STYD claim that the term 25/8 was at one point mentioned in the film, but is no longer a part of the story; hence the title change. A brief plot synopsis on imdb mentions a killer going back to terrorize seven children that share a common birthday, which is the day the killer was put to rest.  Comparing the source’s claims with this synopsis it sounds as if the birthdate angle may be a much less prevalent plot point, if at all; and if true I am grateful.   Regardless, it sounds like Craven is toe-dipping back into themes of “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” and John Carpenter’s “Halloween.”  Hopefully,  he took a little of the slasher film all-too common elements pointed out in the “Scream” series to heart, and is planning something as fresh as “New Nightmare” was back in ’94.

My Soul to Take movie image.jpg

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