‘Westworld’: Watch More Violent Delights as HBO Releases Episode 2 Early

     October 7, 2016


If you can not wait to see Westworld‘s second episode, well, you no longer have to. HBO has released it, along with the premieres of their new half-hour series Divorce and Insecure, on HBO Go (and HBO Now). If you weren’t completely sold on Westworld‘s premiere, I highly encourage you to stick with it. The show had a lot to set up in the first hour, but it becomes a lot more layered and nuanced, especially with its character moments, as it progresses. You’ll start to see things from the perspective of the guests (some of whom are awful, some whom aren’t), and get a better sense of the machine at work that controls Westworld’s androids. And if you loved the premiere, well, enjoy Episode 2!

As for Divorce and Insecure, you can read the reviews Chris Cabin and I did in our Fall TV Review Guide, but the bottom line is that both are worth checking out — even if you may only stick with one. Divorce comes from Catastrophe‘s Sharon Horgan, whose style I adore, but this new series lacks the warmth and a large deal of the relatable nature that made Catastrophe so good (“caustic,” actually, is a good word for Divorce). There are kernels of humor but it’s often overshadowed by a lot of lousy people doing lousy things.

Chris liked Insecure a lot more, saying that “Insecure comes off as insightful, witty, and sincerely delightful, even as its narrative backbone is formed by tremendous philosophical concepts.”

Check out the teaser from HBO below touting its early release of these three episodes, as well as the episode synopses for each. If you don’t have HBO’s app, you can catch all three Sunday starting at 9 p.m. ET, and be sure to come back to Collider for Kayti Burt’s Westworld recaps.