‘Westworld’ Finale Images Tease Its 90-Minute Mind-Bending Conclusion

     November 30, 2016


What will we find at the end of the maze? Who is The Man in Black, really? Have we been watching two parallel timelines? These and many, many more questions have playfully plagued fans of HBO’s Westworld, and even when some worked out some of the answers, it was still a thrilling surprise to see them confirmed on screen. (See Bernard’s revelation from last episode.) With one, extended episode to go before we all start in on theories for Season 2, a batch of photos from the finale have been released.

As what usually happens on Wednesdays, HBO debuted four images from the 90-minute finale, which is titled “The Bicameral Mind.” The title alone offers some teasery insights into what can be expected. In an earlier episode, “The Stray,” Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) discussed the theory, which posits that consciousness was once divided by two sides of the mind — one side would appear to be speaking and the other listened and obeyed. Arnold then used that as a blueprint for artificial intelligence.

Beyond the title, the photos see Maeve (Thandie Newton) setting her plan to escape the park into motion. Disguised as one of the workers, she and Felix (Leonard Nam) lead Rodrigo Santoro’s Hector (dressed as one of the “butchers”) and Ingrid Bolsø Berdal’s Armistice out of an elevator. In the trailer for the episode, there’s a moment at the 41-second mark where Armistice is seen biting into the hand of one of the workers, while the 39-second mark sees a pair of red gloves (presumably Hector’s) shooting one of the staffers.

Elsewhere in the photos, we see The Man in Black (Ed Harris) leading Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) past her own tombstone, while Teddy (James Marsden) seems to have another flashback to the Wyatt incident. Beyond that, Ford is planning to unveil “his bold new narrative” that he’s been working on, and Dolores will embrace “her identity.”

Preview the “violent ends” to the “violent delights” in the photos below: