‘Westworld’ Finale: 9 Burning Questions We Need Answered in Season 2

     December 6, 2016


World’s Biggest Spoiler Warning! It’s about to get hot and heavy with spoilers in here. Seriously, there’s a gold-painted orgy of spoilers below, so proceed accordingly.

Well, we made it. After lots and lots of theorizing, we finally got some answers and a glimpse at the series’ long-game narrative direction with Westworld‘s 90-minute finale, ‘The Bicameral Mind’. As the actors and series creators have long-promised in interviews, Westworld‘s first season was essentially a beautifully orchestrated prologue that functioned as a fun puzzlebox and a thorough introduction to the characters and the world that are about to come to blows. For those who came to Westworld for the robot slaughter, that storytelling decision may chafe and leave a lot to be desired, but if you dug into the characters and the mysteries, Westworld‘s first season was a thriling experience in its own right, and one that helped you grow thoroughly invested in the characters before sending them off to battle. (Or as Allison put it, the maze was for us too).

The finale also finally gave us a true sense of scope — the certainty that the future of the outside world is being shaped within the walls of Westworld, along with the reveal that Westworld itself is only part of much bigger complex (Samurai World, hell yeah!). Naturally that leads to a lot of questions. And despite assurances from Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy that ‘The Bicameral Mind’ would answer your Season 1 questions (I think that was code for “Yes, William=MiB”), there are still a lot of dangling threads to pick up in Westworld’s second season.

And that second season isn’t planned to arrive until 2018 (*muffled sobs*), so we’ve got a lot of time to ponder what’s ahead for our favorite hosts and humans (though I guess that’s pretty much just Felix at this point). Let’s get started with the ten major questions we need answered in season 2 below. And in case you missed the earlier warning (it’s bold and red, you should really read more carefully), these violent delights have violent spoilers.