‘Westworld: Season 2’ Trailer Looks at the Weeks Ahead

     April 23, 2018


Following last night’s season 2 premiere of Westworld, HBO released a new trailer looking at the weeks ahead on the upcoming series. There were some intriguing teases like a possible look at the world outside the park, the relationship between Arnold and Dolores, and, most of all, Maeve wielding a samurai sword. It’s a lot of show to fit into just ten episodes, and as last night’s premiere showed, there are a lot of characters to service.

Last night’s season premieres ran 75 minutes, and rather than trying to establish the themes this season looks to pursue, we had to go with a check-in episode. It’s kind of a necessary evil to where we’re still playing the game (the show is clearly enamored of playing with timelines and keeping the audience guessing as to when they are), but we also have to see where the pieces are. Nothing really moved forward as much as everything was reestablished. The hosts went wild and killed the guests (although only Dolores seems to know why she’s doing the killing), and now we have to see how everyone moves forward.

And yet the only characters who seem to be moving me at this point are Bernard and Maeve. Bernard is in an interesting position because he’s the only host who can pass for human, so he’s caught between not only trying to hide his true nature, but trying to understand which world he belongs to. Does he feel sympathy for the hosts now, or does he side with the humans? As for Maeve, she’s always been the show’s most compelling character because she’s growing, changing, and has a clear goal whereas other characters like Dolores and William tend to dwell more in the abstract. It will at least be interesting to see how the show settles into its second season and where it takes everyone.

Check out the Westworld Season 2 trailer below. The show airs on Sunday nights at 9pm on HBO.

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