What do you want to know about THE HOBBIT?

     May 15, 2008

Written by Matt Goldberg

Peter Jackson has taken time away from working on his upcoming film, “The Lovely Bones”, to invite you and all your friends in Middle-Earth to ask him and Guillemo Del Toro questions about the upcoming “Hobbit” films. They will answer the top twenty most frequently asked questions, so for those of you that wanted to know why Tom Bombadil wasn’t in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, I’ll go ahead and field that one right now: because he was fucking stupid and no one cared about him except you.

Go to wetanz.com/holics and register, note the time and the zone for the chat, and know that if you have a question, I wouldn’t waste it on the


– Will Andy Serkis return as Gollum? (probably)

– Will Ian McKellan return as Gandalf? (probably)

– Do you feel stupid since you destroyed Bag-End and returned the area to boring countryside and now you’ll have to rebuild it? (user banned from chat)

To see what Bilbo’s baggin, click here.

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