WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS – 6 Movie Clips, the Trailer and a Battle of the Sexes Video Featurette

     April 26, 2008

Opening on May 9th is the new Ashton Kutcher/Cameron Diaz romantic comedy “What Happens in Vegas.” The film is about two strangers (Ashton and Cameron) who discover they’ve gotten married following a night of debauchery in Las Vegas. Since this is a romantic comedy, something has to happen to keep them together. For this movie, it’s having one of them win a 3 million dollar jackpot while they’re still married. So while both of them want to separate and each take some money, the court forces the two to live together for 6 months to try and make their marriage work.

During their time together, each of them has friends trying to make the other person look bad. For Ashton it’s Rob Corddry, for Cameron it’s Lake Bell. Anyway, we’ve been provided with 6 movie clips, the trailer and a video featurette to help promote the movie and they’re all below.

But before getting to them, I saw the film last night and have to say…it actually made me laugh way more than I expected. Since I started working on Collider I’ve seen a lot of really bad romantic comedies. This is definitely not one of them. If you’re girlfriend or wife has wanted to get you to see a romantic comedy for awhile, this is the one to bite the bullet on.

And with that…enjoy the clips.

What Happens in Vegas Movie Trailer

Battle of the Sexes Video Featurette

Movie Clip 1 – Jack and Joy compare woes

Movie Clip 2 – Breakfast table awkwardness

Movie Clip 3 – Enforcing the court order

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Movie Clip 4 – Moving in

Movie Clip 5 – The toilet seat

Movie Clip 6 – Trying to fool the therapist

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