Where to Find Seth Rogen’s “Superjew” T-Shirt from FUNNY PEOPLE

     September 5, 2009


I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails ever since the first trailer for Judd Apatow’s “Funny People” came out after I asked if anyone knew where I could get Seth Rogen’s Superman-Star of David t-shirt.  Instead of people e-mailing me where to buy it, I just got a lot of e-mails asking if I had found it which was in no way helpful.  But in searching for birthday gifts for my brother, I found it.  I guess you could call it karma (that’s right, Jews believe in karma; ask your local rabbi) but I immediately put in an order for both my brother and myself although I thought about just buying one for me and just giving my brother a very nice card.

The shirts are great for Jews and Gentiles alike.  Also, part of the proceeds go to charity so I don’t understand why you’d be on the fence buying one.  Even if you didn’t like “Funny People”, don’t blame the shirt.  The shirt never did anything to you.  Hit the jump to get a full look at the tee, learn how it came about, and where you can purchase it.  Get one and be a stylish mensch.

Head over to verymeri to buy the “Superjew” t-shirt.  Also, there are a lot of shirts that have taken this design but this one is the official version that Rogen wore in the movie.  Here’s a little background about it and which charities receive a portion of the proceeds:

The Superjew Shirt was designed by writer/producer Jill Soloway, (“United States of Tara”, “Six Feet Under”).  Jill used the design for her son’s school play at Temple Israel of Hollywood’s Day School in Los Angeles, where Meri Zeiff used to be a first-grade teacher for eight years before starting verymeri, “tees designed by kids for kids.”  The shirt was so great, and so many people wanted it, Jill and Meri decided verymeri would sell it and donate a portion back to Temple Israel of Hollywood.  Several years later, Seth Rogen showed up wearing the tee in “Funny People”, bringing the Superjew a great deal of attention.  Now, verymeri donates 3% to Temple Israel of Hollywood and 3% to Jewish World Watch-because they do wonderful things for our world.  This is the only shirt verymeri sells which was not designed by a kid, but because it came from the Temple Israel Community, where Meri began verymeri, and since a portion goes to great organizations, Meri and Jill decided it was okay to make this exception.



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