Who Watches The WATCHMEN Trailer?

     July 17, 2008

Frosty here. Matt wrote his thoughts on the Watchmen trailer (they’re below) and since I disagree with him, I knew I’d have to write something.

What you’re about to see if amazing.

I never, ever thought anyone would actually be able to make Watchmen into a movie and I always thought when they did it would be utter crap. Like one of the Batman films from the 90’s. Some piece of mindless entertainment that didn’t even try to capture what the story is about. Thankfully, Zack Snyder’s Watchmen looks like it’s going to raise the bar for comic book movies again.

One last bit…I’ve seen Dark Knight. And after you all see it…you’ll realize that Director Christopher Nolan has moved the line forward in terms of what a movie can do based on a superhero. He’s also shown that Warner Bros. has a big set of balls (the film is very dark) and they aren’t afraid to use them. And, as we all know, Watchmen isn’t exactly the kind of superhero movie that mainstream audiences are used to. But after watching this FUCKING AMAZING trailer…maybe they might be a bit more interested. Oh, I went to the set of Watchmen and wrote a preview piece. You can read it here.

So while I think the trailer is heaven sent….Matt wasn’t as blown away. Here are his thoughts followed by the trailer.

Written by Matt Goldberg

Maybe it was because I saw it on YouTube so the quality isn’t great (although it’s not shaky, blurry, or handheld). Maybe it’s because I’m still bitter that they didn’t show it to me when I went to see The Dark Knight last night. Whatever the case may be, I am not wowed by this new “Watchmen” trailer. Since the film is set in 1985, wouldn’t it be better to use a song from that era rather than a song by The Smashing Pumpkins that appeared on the “Batman & Robin” soundtrack? Before he gets pigeonholed, wouldn’t it be better to showcase a different kind of cinematography rather than the camera speed shifts he used to great effect in “300”?

But I guess at the end of the trailer, I’m concerned. Not for my opinion of the movie because if there’s one thing this trailer shows is that it’s made with fans of the comic in mind. That’s great but now is the time to start getting everyone else excited. Fans of the comic are going to see the film regardless. I hope that Warner Bros. can pull off the same kind of marketing that made everyone so excited to see “300”.

Here, we have all our recognizable characters and its exciting to see them transfered to cinema, but I don’t know what that does for those that don’t know the magnificence of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ seminal graphic novel.

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