Cedric the Entertainer & Griffin Gluck on the Joys of Cursing in ‘Why Him?’

     December 21, 2016

Oddly enough Cedric the Entertainer, the versatile stand-up comedian, and Griffin Gluck, the child star of Middle School, serve a very similar purpose in the upcoming Holiday-set comedy ‘Why Him?’. In the tug of war between Bryan Cranston’s stuck-up conservative father Ned and James Franco’s eccentric new boyfriend Laird, both Cedric and Gluck become confidantes to each warring side. Cedric as Ned’s best friend Lou couches the stubborn dad on how to handle this new crazy boyfriend and curry back favor with his daughter (Zoey Deutch). Meanwhile Gluck, as Ned’s youngest son Scotty, advises Laird on how to improve his struggling video-game company and gain acceptance with his dad.


Image via 20th Century Fox

In the following interview with Cedric the Entertainer & Griffin Gluck, the duo discuss the joys of cursing, what’s the line for going too far over the top and how they would handle a guy like Laird (James Franco). For the full interview, watch above.

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