‘The Boys’: Inside the Set of Karl Urban’s Super R-Rated, Super-Relevant Superhero Series

     July 8, 2019

Between the superhero orgies, anally inserted pipe bombs, and slo-mo body explosions (that last one courtesy of a runaway speedster), it’s hard to imagine the guy behind Supernatural and Timeless creating something so depraved as Amazon’s The Boys. But those are just the “pornographic ornaments” hanging from “a very wholesome Christmas tree” that is Eric Kripke’s new show. (His metaphor, not ours.)

Kripke, the showrunner adapting Garth Ennis’ highly graphic comics, was more interested in the metaphors at the heart of the live-action series. “[Superheroes] are this endless fountain of stuff that we can [use to] comment on what’s really happening in society,” he says on the show’s Toronto set last September. The supers can be “a metaphor for celebrity,” “sometimes they are a metaphor for politics, sometimes they are a metaphor for professional athletes.” In that way, Kripke believes The Boys is “the most current show on TV.”